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Apartment Amenities

Today’s apartment hunter is very different from that of a few years ago. While the high-speed internet was a luxury in the past, few people will be willing to get into an apartment without common internet. The surprising thing is that people looking for an apartment these days are more concerned with the amenities in the apartment rather than communal amenities.

Many young people are transitory meaning the more items they can find in an apartment, the more convenient they feel. There is no need to carry many items when moving or make elaborate transport plans.


In-Apartment Amenities

  • - In-unit washer and dryer – being able to the laundry in the house is an increasing demand. There is no need to wait turns in the basement.
  • - Air conditioning – Being able to do temperature control in the house independently is also a top demand
  • - Pets allowed – Many feel that pet restriction is nonsensical as long as the tenant is locked in the house
  • - Furnished apartment – To avoid heavy lifting when moving and avoid hefty purchases
  • - Dishwasher – healthy cooking has become more popular but doing the dishes is still a bother
  • - Washer and dryer connections  – If an in-unit washer/dryer is not available many people look to acquire their own. If they want to require their own they will need a washer/dryer connection.
  • - A balcony to see the views outdoors  – Many tenants like to have a balcony to enjoy the outdoors from their unit, smoke or even have a BBQ.
  • - Cable ready – Cable TV is still popular
  • - Internet & Wifi Included  Internet is pretty much a necessity in any home, many people looking for a rental property are looking to have internet and Wifi included in their rent.


Communal Apartment Amenities

  • - Pet-friendly – Pet-friendly apartments are popular as it allows tenants to have pets. Many properties are pet-friendly, but restrictions do exist in terms of breed, species and size.
  • - Garages  Whether there is an attached or detached garage or parkade many tenants look for parking when looking at an apartment.
  • - Swimming pools – This has always topped the communal amenities most in demand
  • - High-speed internet access – There are more people than before working from home. Some TV content is also delivered on the internet e.g. Netflix
  • - Fitness center – This is another popular demand as more people become health conscious and look to have a gym or fitness facility that is convenient and accessible.
  • - Laundry facility  Many properties do not have in-suite laundry but offer a laundry facility that is in the building.
  • - Covered parking – the Harsh weather is damaging to car costs if there is no garage or parkade many tenants look for covered parking.
  • - Gated access – There is a higher feeling of security with gated access. The standard security arrangements are that each apartment has a video door phone which allows the apartment owner to open the door remotely.
  • - Wireless internet in the communal area Wireless internet access in communal areas allows access of instant messaging apps at all times.
  • - Access to public transportation  Many people take the bus or LRT system. A lot of tenants require convenient public transportation access.


Different apartments have varying amenities which depending on the price. Apartment hunters are increasingly willing to pay higher for more in-unit amenities. Furnished apartments that are fully loaded with all the amenities are very popular with working-class professionals.

Young professionals who have just started out will be willing to settle for the basics but are very keen on cable ready and higher speed internet availability. Middle-aged tenants, on the hand, are more conscious of their health concerns in weight management. They will want a dishwasher for help with the utensils, and a fitness center to keep fit.

At Mainstreet Equity, we have varying property amenities. The majority of our rental apartments come with heat and water included; while being pet-friendly with a dishwasher. To learn about our apartments and our unit/building amenities contact us.


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