Pan American Games: Lessons from an insider


The Pan American Games recently wrapped up in Toronto and the home crowd was treated to a record haul of Canadian medals. As a long time national team member, it was with a great amount of pride and a little bit of envy that I watched the results of my friends roll in and medal counts climb. It’s hard to replicate the adrenaline and feelings of elation that follow a victorious race and to do so in front of family and friends at such a large event must have been truly special.

For many athletes, the games serve as a stepping stone to their sport’s respective World Championships and the Olympics but for the more established, it provides a nice tune up event to test out protocols and review the timing of training loads going into a major championship. To compete with the best in the world, a meticulous approach to every minute of the day is taken, encompassing sleep patterns, nutrition and even those down minutes spent lying on the couch trying to recover for the next workout.


Andrew Ellerton racing at the Pan Am Games


Who knew video games raise cortisol stress levels, inhibiting a quicker recovery time! Many of these things will be tinkered with a year out from the Olympics, hoping to be perfected for next summer in Rio when it matters most.

These days I’m applying many of the hard learned lessons of what it took to compete with the best in the world to a different playing field. The opportunity to work for Mainstreet Equity and our many customers has presented new challenges, highlights and avenues for growth and many of those methods of operating that sent me around the globe to race have translated well into this next chapter.

Hard work goes without saying but people can often get caught up with the enormity of a goal or task which can be intimidating and overwhelming. Breaking things down and concentrating on perfecting each individual task at hand goes a long way to creating excellence.

Whether it is staying engaged during a seemingly tedious drill to improve form, refining your customer service skills or spending 10 minutes at the end of the day to review, the details matter. Take the time to master them and success has a habit of creeping up on you.

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About the Author
Andrew Ellerton

A former member of the Canadian National Track Team and NCAA Champion at the University of Michigan, Andrew is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Mainstreet’s Calgary and Lethbridge portfolios.

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